Telecom Expense Management Consultancy

Today there are multiple service providers for Telecom services be it wired or wireless or data. Identifying the correct service provider, locating the best plan and securing the right solution can be a daunting challenge. CommSouth leverages its experience in the industry and its knowledge of Service Providers to deliver huge savings to businesses of all sizes on a custom basis.

CommSouth’s Telecom Consultancy helps you effectively address challenges, reduce costs, recognize opportunities and identify problems. We possess in-depth knowledge of issues faced by Clients in Fixed, Mobile, Internet and other Value Added Services with specific focus on billing.

With over 15 years experience in the field, CommSouth works with businesses to provide clear inputs and solutions in the following areas:

arrow.gif Tariff Optimization
arrow.gif Audit of telecom bills
arrow.gif Historical Audits 
arrow.gif Negotiation of rates with Telcos
arrow.gif Tariff Rationalization
arrow.gif Dispute management

If you are looking for the ideal Telecom Consultants with abundant expertise and experience, you need to look no further. CommSouth brings broad experience drawn from all areas including Call Accounting & Telecom Expense Management. CommSouth are leading Telecom Consultants who offer custom made solutions and tools designed for different verticals.