Enterprise Telephone Usage, Call Accounting, Billing and Management System

CommSouth’s CommControl Call Accounting and Management Suite (CAM)  provides full insight into the usage of telecom services of your company through intranet or the internet. CommControl CAM Suite will help your organisation gain visibility, control cost, and manage the telecom environment like never before. The solution allows companies to:

arrow.gif Analyze telephone usage and monitor the performance within the Organization.
arrow.gif Calculate the cost and also break up cost over different business units.
arrow.gif Manage, Control and optimize telephone usage resulting in huge savings.
arrow.gif Identify misuse, abuse and unauthorized calls with proof.
arrow.gif Provides insight into usage, enabling you to select the right mix and level of products and services.

CommControl is scalable from 50 extensions at one site to thousands of extensions over hundreds of sites. It is easily expandable with options such as Multinational Call Rating, Enhanced Chargeback, Unified Reporting,  Data Export and much more. CommControl  can analyze data for a single location or multiple locations centrally  and can aggregate and report on usage data from an unlimited number of sources, services and locations, including VoIP switches, PABXs, mobile phone billing data and real time billing feeds. The solution allows users to access the directory and their own call reports online, while users with granted privileges (eg., head-of-departments) can access the call reports for their department. The software also comes with an interactive Private & Business Call report where individual users can mark their business and private calls for administrative purposes.

Works Across All Switch and PBX Types
CommControl CAM Suite works on most PBX systems  including Cisco, Avaya, Microsoft Lync, Unify, Siemens, Alcatel-Lucent, Nortel, NEC and others. The CommControl supports collection of CDR from traditional, hybrid or IP-based switches and unified communication platforms. Click here to see supported telephone system

More Than Traditional CDR Management
CommControl CAM Suite Call Accounting for Cisco software supports the collection and reporting of various quality and management variables such as Quality of Service (QoS) data to enable seamless communication management across the enterprise.

CommControl CAM Suite Dashboards:

arrow.gif Graphical trend analysis.
arrow.gif Customization for individual users.
arrow.gif Pre-built Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Increase Productivity and Enforce Policy Compliance
CommControl does more than just capture voice CDR from Skype for Business. CommControl captures other UC usage and data elements and offers comprehensive reporting features. Standard reports, including  ‘Cradle to Grave’ reports provide visibility and automated reporting and alerts that demanding IT admins and business unit managers require.

CommControl’s ability to centralize  collection and processing of all your corporate UC usage is key to delivering complete policy compliance and cost visibility into wireless, presence, instant messaging, voice and other unified communication usage throughout your organization.

CommControl CAM Suite Crisis Line Call Routing Compliance Reporting:

arrow.gif Quickly Identify, qlert and report on abandoned or busy calls by ANI.
arrow.gif Flexible crisis line call routing compliance reporting and alerting.
arrow.gif Easily identify, track and report on all call and usage types.
arrow.gif Enable strategic assessments of compliance risks, services costs, business usage, and accountability.