"Cisco Connect UAE"

Cisco Connect UAE

CommSouth continuously strives to offer new solutions to its Clients and we are pleased to announce the addition of the following products and enhancements:

  • PhoneControl - All new Telephone Usage, Monitoring, Accounting and Reporting solution. 
  • PhoneManager - A complete and best in breed hospitality solution on a single platform.
  • Collaboration - Comprehensive Business Applications and XML Tools for Unified IP Telephony.
  • Coherent - Best in class Facilities Management and CMMS software solutions.
  • Asentinel - Industry leading Telecommunication Expense/Life Cycle Management and Consultancy Services.

All the above solutions are available in both On-Premise (and/or) CLOUD platforms, which benefits clients by:

  • Offering - Quality, Reliable, Scalable and Easy to deploy solutions with expert support.
  • Deploying - quality, innovative, easy to use industry leading solutions at optimal costs.

For more information contact:

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AG-56, 1st Floor, 3rd Street, Annanagar, Chennai-600040. India.
[email protected]  Phone: +914426213945
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